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Hakan Saglam

Here with this web site, I try to give some brief information about myself and my interests. Please feel free to get in contact with me anytime for anything that you wonder :)

Currently I am working as Solution Architect (SA) at Sony. I am responsible for e-business domain mainly all kinds of web applications (including marketing, commerce or support) of Sony Europe. Before SA I was the Product Owner of the team who is developing/managing various Java Projects. And before Sony, I have worked on various Java and SOA projects as developer, team leader, consultant, principal software engineer, solution architect and project manager at Havelsan, Oyak Technology and Software AG respectfully. For more details please reach my LinkedIn profile or my classical resume/cv.

Beside my day job, I am developing individual/corporate iPhone Apps. From time to time I give consultancy on Java, SOA and Mobile Projects. And managing individual blog sites according to my experience, vision and hobbies. And also I was one of the first authors of "Java Dergisi" magazine.

My Feeds / Blogs

As I live, I try to write down my feelings, my challenges, my hopes shortly my life...

My own deep thoughts about Formula 1, don't you want to see what are they :)

It will cover all my "how to" & "what is" search and the related links that I have found useful.

My wife's trend blog, I am not very fan of these things but it is worth to check once.

My iPhone Apps
Translate & Copy available on the App Store
Translate & Copy is not an ordinary translator. It has OCR functionality on the top of basic translator. Because of Google Translator API changes, it will be back online soon.
iMask available on the App Store
iMask is the way of masking your contacts and cover the names without any confusion. Moreover you are not limited with one mask.
Flip & Copy available on the App Store
Flip & Copy is the app that will make your world upside down. Not only upside down but also right to left :) Why are you waiting just try once.
Goller Cepte coming soon on the App Store
Goller Cepte is the app for getting any soccer match goals immediately after the goal. And not just for the Super League, for all Turkish Professional Leagues.
Loto Moto available on the App Store
Loto Moto is the app for the Turkish Government Lottery Campaigns. You can save your coupons and when the time comes it automatically checks the results and (hopefully) inform you that you are rich :)
About Me

Here are all the places that you can find me, or the things I am saying right now. God bless Web 2.0 :) BTW, if you wish this is my classical resume/cv.

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